Mother's Day Pickleball Gifting Guide

Mother's Day Pickleball Gifting Guide

Your mom's been really into pickleball lately. Like, to the point where you're thinking: "Is this Mom's new identity?"

You're also thinking: "Are there pickleball-themed gifts? Is that a thing?"

Oh, yes. At Picklebrained, we've got you covered. Check out our list of curated gifts for the pickleball-loving moms and mom-adjacents in your life.

1. Floral T-shirts from Picklebrained

Instead of flowers, get your mom the upgraded version—our floral pickleball paddle t-shirts and totes. Bees will confuse your mom with the real thing. They'll shower her in honey. She'll be thanking you all summer long.

2. Paddle set (for beginners) from Nettie

If your mom is just starting out playing, we're pretty sure she'll like these fun, gorgeous paddle sets from Nettie. She'll have everything she needs to start getting out on the courts. She'll finally love you.

3. "Always in Your Kitchen" Roasted Coffee from Pickleball Coffee Company

This is for the mom with a passion for both pickleball and coffee. Pickleball Coffee Company also has "single serve" pods. Come for the puns, stay for the roasts.

4. The Gifting Collection from Picklebrained

We've collected all our best gifts for moms on a single page. It's got hats, totes, crop tops, sweat shirts, tees—the whole shebang. And if none of those float your mom's boat, we've even got gift cards ;)

5.  Simone Jardim Hyperion Paddle from Joola

Pickleball is more than a hobby for your mom. Sure, she wants to have fun out there, but she also wants to win. Get her this seriously great paddle from Joola, made in partnership with Simone Jardim, one of the biggest names in pickleball.

6. Pickle-Scented Candles from Makes Food Scents

Your mom loves pickleball. Even better, she's got a sense of humor. So why not get her these pickle-scented candles? They're sweet, salty, tangy, and definitely a conversation-starter.

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