About Picklebrained

Our story

Picklebrained was dreamed up on a trip to Savannah in January 2023.

This is us. They say the family that plays pickleball together stays together. Or maybe we coined the saying. We hope it catches on.

Meet the team


This is Becca, our founder and designer. Formerly at Etsy HQ in Brooklyn, Becca designs every Picklebrained product by hand, beginning with a concept sketch. When it comes to the game itself, Becca is a quick learner and a crafty pickler. She'll sneak in an ace when you're not looking.


This is Rachel, our Head of Marketing. Based in Baltimore, Rachel's a marketing maven (and the mind behind our Instagram). She's a newcomer to pickleball, but has been working hard on developing a dink that will make you do a double-take.



This is Josh, our Head of Partnerships. A former NCAA-level tennis player, Josh parlayed his racket sport prowess to make the switch to pickleball. He's a regular in Baltimore's pickleball scene where you can find him smashing overheads, rubbing elbows, and making deals.



And this is Matt, our Head of Content. He's a pickleball bard with a passion for the sport. On the court, he serves with the precision of a poet and is loquacious with the lobs. The velocity of his volleys almost always leads to sweet, sweet victory.