June's Featured Picklers: Amanda and Billy

June's Featured Picklers: Amanda and Billy

Our featured picklers are wearing the pickleball circle cropped sweatshirt, picklebrained logo t-shirt, and paddle doodle hat (coming soon!)

Meet this month's Featured Picklers™—Amanda and Billy! They're a fun, fresh, picklehearted couple that plays on the hard courts of NYC and Baltimore. We here at Picklebrained wanted to find out what drives them in their pursuit of pickleball perfection, so we asked them a few questions. Read on to learn more about why these two love pickleball (and why you should too!):

1. So, when did you start playing pickleball?

Amanda: I started playing pickleball in the summer of 2020 and absolutely loved it. My uncle was the reason I started to play. He was a big racquetball player, but had to stop once COVID hit. As an alternative, he got my whole extended family on the east coast to try out pickleball which was a great way to do something outside together!

Billy: I first started playing with Amanda’s parents when we’d visit them and began playing more regularly in the wilds of Baltimore.

2. What’s your favorite part of the game?

Amanda: I like that this is a sport that I can play with friends my age AND my parents. I really appreciate that it is a fun sport for all ages and all levels. particularly like being able to visit my parents and have something active to do (but they totally kick my ass when we play).

Billy: Nothing like a good ol fashioned dink off.

3. Have you tried to get your friends and family to play?

Amanda: Yes! Most of my family plays and we have recruited some friends in NYC to play weekly with us at local parks.

Billy: We’ve slowly been recruiting more friends around NYC to meet and play at various parks on the weekends and expect to recruit even more in the warmer months.

4. What do you do besides play pickleball?

Amanda: I’m a very active person and enjoy fitness in general—hiking and skiing, for example—so pickleball fits nicely into my lifestyle! I’m also an avid reader and recently got into audiobooks.

Billy: I can be found playing pickup soccer around the city and most recently rooting on the NJ Devils in their quest for the Stanley Cup.

5. Have you played in any tournaments before?

Amanda: Never (and I don’t think I ever will, haha). I am just in it for the fun.

Billy: Not yet, but patiently awaiting my call up to the national team.

6. Do you have a favorite pro player?

Amanda: Even though he’s not a pro (yet), it’s my dad!

Billy: Josh Goldberg — the man’s got a killer serve. It’s only a matter of time until he’s playing pro ball.

7. What do you eat for breakfast for maximum pickleball efficiency?

Amanda: Eggs (protein). Coffee (critical). Water (with a Nuun for added electrolytes).

Billy: A New York City bagel has all the essential vitamins and minerals to get out there and perform at the highest level.

8. Anything else you’d like us to know about you and pickleball?

Amanda: I dink different.

Billy: I take inspiration from Ted Lasso’s Danny Rojas: “Pickleball is life.”

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